In Secret.

In Matthew 6:1-6, God is talking about our actions toward Him. everybody has heard of the expression, keeping up with the Jones. It is where we compete with our neighbor or co-worker to show how good we have done. In any gathering, you can listen and hear how people compete against each other. If they aren’t trying to show off, they are poor mouthing. It’s competition in reverse, trying to out do how badly each other has done. it is as ridiculous as it sounds. but people do this. In Matthew, God is talking about giving tithes and not doing it before people. God says if you give before man, you have you reward. But if you give secretly before God, He will reward you openly. God goes on to talk about prayer. He said to enter into your prayer closet and pray. Then God hears your prayer and answers it openly. It’s an attitude of the heart. When you seek God privately, God will be found and answer you. So, it is in secret that we must seek God.

Crain Blanchard.

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