A Wrong Teaching.

Jesus addressed many subjects in the sermon on the mount. One was in Matthew 5:43-48. It says there is a teaching to love your neighbor and hate your enemy. Jesus said love enemies and bless them that curse you. He said pray for those that persecute you. Because if you only love people who love you, you don’t do anything more than the sinners. Jesus was showing us how to develop as a believer. The 2 great commandments are to love God with everything you are and to love you neighbor as yourself. We love ourselves more than any one else except God. So if you loved your enemy like that, they wouldn’t be your enemy for long. I have a challenge for you, everyone that come across, bless them. Everyone is saying stay safe. You say God bless you and stay safe. Then you will be following what Jesus said. God bless you and keep you in all the darkness.

Crain Blanchard.



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