A Penny for your Thoughts.

In the past few weeks, I have had more food in my house and have eaten less. It’s funny how that had worked. Everyone is thinking about the virus. And trying to prepare as much as possible for disaster. The disaster isn’t the virus. The disaster is our relationship with God. In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus talked about taking care of our needs. He didn’t say to go stockpile food and supplies. Jesus said look at the birds or the flowers of the field. God provides for the birds, who don’t work for a living. And the flowers are more beautiful than anything on earth. Which are today and tomorrow are cut and burned. Jesus said are you not worth more than the birds or the flowers of the fields? He said, seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. So, it requires waiting on God and being in His presence. So, I asked you, a penny for your thoughts?

Crain Blanchard.



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