Judge not.

How good are you at judging people? We learn from our youth how to judge people. Whether or not they are good or evil. I learned how to let people tell me who they are by listening to them. Within 10 minutes, people will tell you who they are. Then I’ll know who they are. Then I’ll judge them. God doesn’t look at people that way. He judges them according to their heart. Even then God gives us a chance to change. God says that we aren’t the judge and what we do to others we will recieve in turn. God alone is the judge of all. Only He can judge correctly. So, what are we supposed to do? We are to love our fellow man and show them who God is. It’s not the easiest way to live but it is the best way to. We go about our lives and exhibit Jesus. Then people will know that God is alive and working in this world. Of all the post on Facebook, I have only seen one that exhibited the love of God. They offered food to anyone that needed some. They would drop it off to them. Talking is cheap. Doing is the love of God.

Crain Blanchard.



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