A Two-edged Sword.

In Matthew 7:7-12, if you are in need ask, or seek or knock on the door. If you do seek God and ask, He will answer you. Faith is a belief system. So, is doubt. It is just the opposite of faith. And can be as strong as faith. Doubt is the lack of hope. This is where fear comes in. Where faith is having hope in your life. And though you can be fearful, you still will press forward because of hope. Only God gives us hope. Then we can have faith in what He says and does. The word of God is a two-edged sword. He says it cuts both ways. Even to the dividing of both the life of God(soul) and our spirit. Which means it can kill. If you separate the life of God from our spirit, our body will die.(Rom.6:23). So, we are to seek God and ask for our needs. In the seeking, we will come alive and build our relationship with God. The word of God is complete, from Genesis to Revelations.

Crain Blanchard.



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