What success depends on.

People are looking for the signs of the times. And these signs shall follow the believers. Yet most people are not willing that this particular sign would follow them. What sign am I talking about? Jesus talked about this sign many times, but the disciples didn’t understand until they were in the midst of it. The sign I’m talking about is persecution. Jesus said if they hated Me, how much more shall they hate you. The servant isn’t above the Master. But he strives to be just like his Master. If you are doing what God told you to do, the world will want to kill you. Don’t think that it is strange that the world will hate you. In Matthew 10:23-27, Jesus instructed His disciples about what to expect. He was preparing for success. Understand, success is bittersweet. It is never all good or bad. It is somewhere in the middle. But understand persecution is one of the signs of the times.

Crain Blanchard.



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