Memorial Day Rollcall

Andre Boutte, French and Indian War, 1763.

Francois Boutte, Louisiana Militia, American Revolution, 1775.

Calvin and Luther Blanchard, Massachusetts Minute-Men, 1775.

Thomas Blanchard, North Carolina Militia, 1776.

Thomas Newton, Commissioner, US Navy, 1776.

Thomas O. Blanchard, War of 1812.

Francois Boutte, War of 1812, Battle of New Orleans, 1814.

Albert G. Blanchard, Maj. General, 9th Louisiana, CSA 1861.

Calvin and Ebenezer Carson, 16 Alabama Cavalry, CSA 1861

Carey Edward Blanchard, 17th Texas Brigade, CSA 1864.

William P. Blanchard, 71st Inf., US Army 1941.

Neal Blanchard, Doctor, US Army, 1941.

Dyer Blanchard, US Navy, 1941.

Hal McGown, Lt. General US Army, Korea and Vietnam, 1948.

Felix Castille, 1st Marines, Korea, 1951.

Charles Blanchard, US Air Force, Vietnam.

William Carson Blanchard, US Army Medic, Vietnam.

Burl Crain Blanchard, US Air Force, Vietnam.

Jonathan David Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

Joel Christopher Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

Joshua Luke Blanchard, US Air Force, Afghanistan.

Jared Blanchard, US Army, Iraq.

William Preston Blanchard III, US Army, Iraq.

My older brother was a Physician’s Assistant in US Army during the Vietnam War. I served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. Three of my sons and two of my nephews serve in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since my grandfather came to this country in 1637, our family has defended it. My family are patriots. There are a lot of people who have served our country and I am thankful for it. We are blessed by God with a good land to live in. And it is worth defending our country, no matter how bad it seems to be. I just want to thank the men and women who have served our country in the military. It is right to honor them. Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day.

Crain Blanchard.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Rollcall

  1. Well, Joseph, we must be related. My Mother was Faye Elizabeth Blanchard Holliday. My Grandfather was Carey Edward. Blanchard, Jr. my uncle, Carey E. Blanchard, III, served as a staff sergeant attached to Eisenhower’s HQ., SHAEF. My aunt Pats’s husband, Taylor Thompson, was a major in the “Red Ball Express” and commanded a POW camp after the war ended. My Aunt Lou’s daughter, Betty Lou, married lieutenant Lee Eddington. Lee flew P-47s and B-17s over Europe and was badly burned in a crash landing of his B-17 carrying an unexplored bomb. The only uninsured crewman on the bomber was the tail gunner who had disobeyed Lee’s order to bail out over the English Channel. The rest of his crew bailed out and were never found. Lee remained in the Army after the war and transitioned to the Air Force where he ended up second in command of the Air Force’s investigation of a strange crash in 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. The only comment he ever made was to his daughter, Perla, just before he died at age 93. He told her, “There were things we didn’t understand.”
    God bless them all.

    • It funny, my youngest brother is Carey Edward Blanchard IV. I was named after my grandfather Newton Crain Blanchard. Who was named after his uncle, Newton Crain Blanchard, Sr. My cousin got the name Newton and I got Crain. I have been working on for about 15 years. I have found our family in France. They moved to England. Then they moved to the new world, Boston, in 1637. Then they moved to Norfolk, Virginian. Then they moved to Louisiana in 1820. Where the had a plantation, Roselawn, in Boyce. Where I-49 crosses over Boyce is where the plantation house use to be. The house where Francis lived until she died was grand Aunt Fannie’s house. We are related to so many families in the Alex area. The Texadas, the Crains, the Davidisons, the Masons, the Grahams are just a few of our cousins. back then people with money married people with money. So the money stayed in the family, After the Civil War, Dr. John Taylor, a cousin, took charge of the family because the boys were just teenagers. Dr. Taylor built a clinic on the planation. Then after several years moved his hospital to the old LSU Campus. Which is now the VA Hospital in Tioga. Carey Edward married Mary Davidson in 1875. He took over running the plantation. He was very successful. Our family has always believed in Education. Newton Crain Blanchard graduated from Tulane in Law. He went into politics and was elected to US Congress from the District from Alex. He was elected with 50 votes. it is interesting how things worked out. Good talking to you. Crain.

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