Only Prayer and Fasting.

In Matthew 17:14-21, Jesus and the disciples came down the mountain to the multitude. A man came and fell down before Jesus. He ask Jesus to heal his lunatick son, who was possessed of the devil. The disciples tried but couldn’t cast the devil out. Jesus said, O faithless and perverse generation, how do I have to be with you. Jesus cast out the devil. The disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t. Jesus said, only by prayer and fasting could you. The world has gone to hell in handbasket. We are looking on the sidelines, saying that’s terrible. It shouldn’t be. And you wring your hands in discuss. O faithless and perverse generation how long will you wait before doing what God has said. Only by prayer and fasting are these devils cast out. Jesus is our example. He was always praying and fasting.

Crain Blanchard.

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