Betrayed into the hands of Man.

In Matthew 17:22-27, Jesus and the disciples were near Capernaum. Jesus told the disciples that He would be betrayed into the hands of men. And shall be killed. On third day He shall rise again. The disciples were disheartened. They didn’t understand. All they could see is that Jesus was going to die. They came to Capernaum, the tax collectors, asked the disciples if they had paid tribute? Jesus answered the disciples, who prays tribute? The disciples answered, strangers. Then Jesus said, that the children are free. Jesus said, not to be an offense to them, go to the sea of Galilee and cast a line in the water. He said, the first fish you catch, there will be money in it’s mouth. Go and pay the tribute. In every plan that God has for us, we have apart to play. God will use what we do to bring about the right results. There is always things to do in the kingdom. Even new babies have their part to play in the work of the kingdom. And Jesus told the disciples and us how He will accomplish God’s will by His death and resurrection.

Crain Blanchard.

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