The Parable of the Husbandman.

In Matthew 21:33-46, Jesus and the disciples were in the temple. It was the week of Passover and thousands of people were in Jerusalem and temple. The religious leaders were testing Jesus. The passover lamb had to be inspected for three days before it was sacrificed for Passover. Jesus told them the parable of the husbandman. Jesus told them the story of a man who built a vineyard and rented it out to a husbandman, then went to a far country. When the harvest came, the owner sent his servants to collect his share of the vineyard. The husbandman seized the servants and killed them. Finally, the owner sent his son and they killed him. Then Jesus asked what shall be done to the husbandman? The people said the husbandman would be removed and killed. Jesus told them that the vineyard would be given to another. The religious leaders knew that Jesus was talking about them and plotted to kill Jesus. We are the replacement for the husbandman. We have to strive lawfully in the kingdom of God. Yet people have chosen to be cast out of the vineyard into everlasting death. Today is the day and now is the time of salvation. Like Joshua of old, chose you this day who you will serve? Joshua said, for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Crain Blanchard.

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