Passion or Obsession?

There is a difference between passion and obsession. Passion is doing something with your whole heart. Obsession is doing something because you have to. The last week of Jesus’s life is called the passion of Christ. Why passion and not obsession? Jesus, like every other man, had a choice in the way His life went. When Jesus was 12, He went with His parents to Jerusalem for Passover. When it was over, His parents thought that He was with the other children in the caravan. After a day’s journey, they looked for Jesus and could not find Him. They rushed back to Jerusalem. They found Him in the temple discussing the law with the priests. His mother expressed her fear for Him and He went home with them. The Bible says that He grew in wisdom and favour with God and man. A choice He had to make. His ministry was a choice that He also made. The religious leaders wanted to kill Him from the start. Because He was a threat to them. The last week of His life, Jesus was in the temple in front of the religious leaders for three days. It was to fulfill the scriptures saying the Passover lamb had to be inspected to make sure there were no blemishes. Jesus had to face His killers. Then after the Last Supper, Jesus and the disciples went to the Mount of Olives for Him to pray. Jesus had to make a choice and God gave Him the choice. Jesus prayed that He didn’t have to die. And He did this three times and then made a choice to go to the cross. This is passion. Making a choice to do the right thing even though it will kills you. Jesus went to the cross with joy, knowing that God’s will and plan would happen. Passion is what God wants for us. With passion, we can face all the difficulties in the world. Passion rules out fear and doubt. It gives us clarity in our life. We can see God’s will and plan for us. Passion will take us from here to home. So, it is up to us to decide what we are going to do. Will it be passion or obsession.

Crain Blanchard.

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