A Father Figure.

There are many archetypes in this world. In the most basic unit of this world it is our parents, in particular our fathers. When God designed this world, He formed the basic unit in the garden of Eden. It was Adam and Eve. Adam had responsibilities to God and the garden. After God built the garden, He placed Adam in it. This was an inheritance from God. As Adam’s Father, God wanted him to be successful and to take responsibility for the garden. Each day God would come and walk with Adam in the cool of the evening and talk about the days activities. In this way God could teach Adam about bearing responsibility. This is one of the duties of a father. Adam didn’t go through childhood like every other person. But God was teaching Adam about life through the garden. God saw that Adam was alone and needed companionship and help. So God created Eve out of the side of Adam. This is why Eve was called a woman. The word woman means from the side of man. Eve was Adam’s partner in the garden. Actually God called them two halves of one person, and they shall be one flesh. God had to teach Adam about being married also. This is the responsibility of a father toward his children. The shame of this country is the 50% divorce rate. Single parents homes are hardest on the children. Children need to see the struggle for parents to live together. Nothing is perfect and everything needs to be worked out with love and patience. Jesus told the religious leaders that God allowed divorce because of the hardness of their hearts. Children need to see forgiveness working in our lives. So that they will know that God is real and alive. This is the responsibility of a Father toward His children to be a Father Figure.

Crain Blanchard.



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