Nicholas of Myra.

Everyone has heard of Santa Clause. But hardly anyone has ever heard of Nicholas of Myra, or otherwise known as Saint Nic. Nicholas was a Christian man who lived in Asia Minor in Turkey. He lived in the 3rd and 4th century. He was a member of the Eastern Orthodox church. He became a priest and eventually a Bishop of Myra. He was known as a kind and gentle man. He prayed earnestly for the needs of people. He was known as an intercessor. Many miracles were attributed to his prayers. Nicholas would not only pray for people, he put himself in the middle of many a struggles in his community. Nicholas helped so many people without them knowing that it was him. Whether people needed food, clothing or money, he would do his best to help. Nicholas was jailed by the Roman Emperor Diocletian and released by Emperor Constantine. When you look at this Christian man from the 3rd century, you see what a Christian is. A person who prays for people and goes about doing good just as Jesus did. So, where did Santa Clause come from? In the 1700s, as the Dutch settle in the new world, they brought with them the feast day of Saint Nicholas. The Dutch called him Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas. Americans pick up on this feast day and called him Santa Clause. What ever he was called, Nicholas was Christian man that followed the teachings of Jesus. He lived his life trying to be the example of Jesus on this earth. And this is the story of Nicholas of Myra.

Crain Blanchard.

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