Where do I go from here?

It all started with hope. I wanted to believe in something that was worthwhile. As I came to believe in Jesus, I saw all the wonderful things that God had to offer. Christians have supported me and encouraged me to go on. But now I have to walk this walk and it seems that I am walking alone. I know that the bible tells me that I will never be alone, because Jesus is always there. But I don’t seem to feel His presence all the time. And it’s scary sometimes. As I begin to walk and do the things that God wants me to, it’s just me. I would feel much better if it were a bunch of people walking with me. This happens once in while and I love it. To have a group of people that are in one mind and one accord. We seem to accomplish many things for God. But I am by myself most of the time. I know that the bible says that I must work out my salvation with fear and trembling. This means that no one else can do this for me. I have to walk this walk with Jesus and endure to the end. I am a social being and want company. But I am responsible to God for myself. After Jesus ascended into heaven, each of the disciples knew that they were going to be die the same way as Jesus. They didn’t stop preaching the gospel to the world. All but the apostle John were crucified. The courage to walk this Christian walk comes from our belief in Jesus. Most people don’t understand that Jesus didn’t want to die on the cross. He wanted to stay with us on earth. But as Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, He submitted His will to God’s. For all practical purposes Jesus died in the garden of Gethsemane. This is why the bible says that He went to the cross with joy. We each have a plan and purpose from God. And only I can fulfill that plan and accomplish God’s will in my life. So this is where I go from here.

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Crain Blanchard.



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