The Christmas Blues.

Christmas season is upon us. Although it has changed due to Covid-19. This year has been life altering for most people. Sometimes change is hard. And with change comes the blues. There is such a disconnection between people with the social distancing and masks. With masks, people don’t know or see who you are. I see fear in people all the time. I tell people hello and some answer back. I tell people Merry Christmas and it is like I’m from another planet. Christmas is about family and friends, connecting or reconnecting to establish our relationship. But it is now about overcoming fear. Fear is unbelief and doubt. The devil is trying hard to discourage Christians from reaching out with the gospel. Unfortunately, it is working. Our life isn’t about food, shelter or clothing. As a Christian we were called to a higher purpose. Jesus gave us the example on how to live. The religious leaders of the day wanted to kill Jesus. And Jesus was stalked everyday. Yet you don’t find Jesus crying about it. He went about doing good and healing everyone that came to Him. Our path is clear. The road home is before us. Now if you walk down that road, you are going to receive opposition or persecution. Jesus said if the world hated Him, how much more will they hate you. So, what are you going to do? How do we overcome mountains? It is simple. We use our faith to navigate this world. Jesus always said it going to be simple to follow Him. He never said it was easy. Christmas season is a time for us to rejoice. Be joyful with your family and friends. Let them see Jesus in you. Then they will know that God is alive and real. And we fulfill our part of the gospel. I pray that your Christmas season is blessed and fruitful. Amen.

With the changing times, I added a donation button to the Menu at the top of the page. Thank you for your support. Crain.

Crain Blanchard.

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