Christmas Memories.

I am listening to Christmas music and memories are flooding in my mind. I sang in the choir both elementary and high school, Music has been an important of my life. God is the person who invented music for worship and praise. When angels sing it’s such heavenly music. But the best song is reserved for the saints. It is the song of the redeemed. It is so sweet and beautiful that the angels stop and listen. As I was growing up, our family would always gather for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. But Christmas was so special. Usually it was at our home. When I was young, it was my grandmother, grand aunts, aunts and uncles and all my cousins and us. There was always room. The kids played outside, the women were in the kitchen and the men were in the front room. We all sat down to eat together. Afterwards we would open presents. Those memories are like they happened yesterday. I miss my parents, my grandmother and all the family that has gone on. My brothers and my cousins are scattered across the country. We don’t get together often. But I have my memories. I have tried to teach my children the value of family. I tried to make as many memories as I can for them. As you grow older, things change. Nothing remains the same. Except for one thing. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I want to encourage you to make as many memories for your family as you can. These memories will last for a lifetime. Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

Crain Blanchard.

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