How Long, O Lord.

In Revelation 6:10-11, the scripture says, how long, O Lord before You judge and avenge our blood upon those on the earth. These people are the ones who were killed for the gospel’s sake. God’s answer is until all things be fulfilled. God’s judgment is swift and complete. No one guilty of sin will escapes the judgment of God. Although, people think that they can get away with sin, because God doesn’t strike them died when they sin. But God says that His mercy triumphs over judgment. God has completely destroyed many nations because of their sin. But He always gives them an opportunity to repent of our sin. Even though many nations have fallen, God has saved people out of them. God is interested in people not the nation. He does want the nations to acknowledge Him and to live peaceably among men. But people are God’s main concern. I was reading the little book of Obadiah about God’s judgment of Esau or the nation of Edom. God’s judgment came 80 years after Edom helped the Assyrians capture Judah. Esau was (Jacob’s) Israel’s brother, the firstborn of Isaac. They had left God and worship some strange god. God had no choice in the matter. God has to obey His own word. God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Any one who sins falls under the judgment of God. This is the law and commandment of God. But God will give mercy and forgiveness to all those who ask and repent of their sin. So that God’s word is fulfilled on this earth.

Crain Blanchard.

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