Occupy til I come.

The Righteousness of God is a choice. We have to choose to live God’s way. This is what glorifies God. All throughout history, people have chosen to follow God. It isn’t just repeating words and coming to church. It is a commitment from our heart, that we will live as God says. When we do live God’s life for us, the world sees that God is real and alive. Job in the middle of the hell he walked through, never lost his faith in God. Noah followed after God, to see the world destroyed in front of his face. Moses lost his position as prince of Egypt, to serve God and help deliver God’s people from captivity. David, anointed to be king over Israel, had to run for life. He did until God installed him as king over Israel. Daniel was taken captive in Babylon. He served 4 kings until his death. Daniel never returned home to Judah. I look around at the church and see people that want to leave as soon as they can. In my early years as a Christian, all I heard about was the rapture. How we were leaving before any trouble started. Yet when I read the Bible, I see people who went through the trouble of the world to get to the other side. There is no escaping the plan of God for our lives. We can go kicking and screaming or we can walk with Jesus through God’s plan. We can walk out God’s plan all the way home. Jesus talked about doing God’s plan in a parable in Luke 19. He said to occupy til I come. He meant that we were to do God’s will until He returns. In this time of trouble, it is important that we as believers do all we can to occupy until we go home. How do we occupy, by reading the bible, praying and doing the word of God. This is how we occupy this earth.

Crain Blanchard.



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