What do we struggle for?

We struggle in this world because it is a foreign land. This isn’t our home. We are walking through this world to get home. But because we are strangers in this world, the world doesn’t want us. This is common to most every aliens that walk through any strange country. I remember after the Vietnam war, many Vietnamese were relocated to South Louisiana. The government did this because the Vietnamese spoke French and many were Catholic. They are a hard working people and had just lost their country through a brutal civil war. It took a long time for the people of Louisiana to accept the Vietnamese. And still today after 50 years, many still consider them foreigners. We as Christians are just as peculiar. Some people even hate us. But that isn’t the deterrent the will stop us. We struggle to provide an opportunity for people to accept Jesus and the forgiveness of their sins. We are in this struggle because we found someone who loves us more than life itself. We gave our lives for this love that is everlasting. And it is this love that will lead us home. The Love of God is more powerful than any devil. This love proved itself on the Cross at Calvary. God raised Jesus from the dead to make Him Lord of lords and King of kings. Because this love of God is everlasting. Submit yourselves therefore and let this love bring you home.

Crain Blanchard.



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