One Day at a Time.

Our lives come and go at a breakneck speed. It was just yesterday that I was a child. But I still live one day at a time, no matter what happened. When I began my life with Jesus, most of the Christian music was either Southern Gospel or Hymns. Then came Contemporary Christian music. The older Christians thought we were going to hell listening to that music. And yet we still lived day by day. I was music director for a Christian radio station and introduced Contemporary Christian music to South Louisiana. I listen for the anointing in each song. When I knew it was there, I played the music. It was knowing and listening to the Spirit of God speak through the music. Music is still a great part of my life in God. And I still live one day at a time. After I left the radio station, the music changed. I kept listening for the anointing. Finally after a while I heard the anointing in the music. It was today’s Adult Contemporary Christian music. The young people sought God and received His anointing for the music. My wife likes the old music. I still do like older music, but I excited about what the young people are doing with the music. None of this happened over night. It was one day at a time seeking God for inspiration. God gives to anyone who seeks His face the anointing. And with the anointing of God, we can live one day at a time. This is what God waits for us. We can’t live in the past or the future. We live each day, one day at time. Then we fulfill the plan of God for our lives. We are to live as if this is our last day on earth. This way we are ready to go home to be with Christ. It all happens one day at a time.

Crain Blanchard.

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