Did not our Heart burn within us?

In Luke 24:13-32, It was the third day after Jesus was crucified. Peter and John had gone to the tomb. Peter didn’t believe, but John did. Two of the disciples were headed home to Emmaus. Jesus drew near and began to walk with them. He asked what they were talking about. They began to tell the story of Jesus’s crucifixion. But they didn’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus didn’t reveal Himself to them. Jesus said, fools don’t you believe the Law and the Prophets? He began to expound on the scriptures starting with Moses about what Christ was going to do. When they reach their home, they wanted the stranger to come into their home and have a meal. When they sat down, Jesus broke the bread and bless the wine. Their eyes were opened and Jesus disappeared. They said to each other, didn’t our hearts burn within us as He expounded on the scriptures. When is the last time your heart burned within us at the presence of God? Do you believe what the scriptures say about Jesus Christ? And if you do believe, when is the last time you did anything about it? If you believe your heart should be burning. And if it does, you should be working in the kingdom of God. The two disciples ran back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples that Jesus had truly risen from the grave. Believing isn’t sitting in a pew on Sunday. Believing is putting your faith into action. If you believe that Jesus is Lord, then your life should show it to the world.

Crain Blanchard.



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