A Successful Prayer Life.

When we were children, we start off being able to talk or communicate with anyone. All we could do is make sounds and squeaks. Our parents learned what this sounds and squeaks meant. But as we grew our vocabulary grew as we heard and listen to people talk. My grandson is about 2 years old. He was at our house and not speaking words yet. We have a cat and he would chase the cat to pet it. Then one day he pointed at the cat and said, at. He had learned half a word and keep saying it as he pointed to other animals in the house. He hasn’t quite gotten the gist of the language, he is on his way. It is the same with God, when we start making sounds as a Christian, it’s just sounds and squeaks. When you were young and lived at home with you parents, if you were in a room full of people talking and your father called your name, you turn and looked at your dad. You did this because you heard your name above all the noise and recognized the voice. It is the same with God. He calls your name and you answer. This is the basis for prayer. It is hearing God’s voice and answering Him. Prayer is communication between God and you. Prayer comes from your heart. It is reaching out to our Father and speaking to Him. We see things all day long. And the things that are not right, we can ask God to change. He is always there to talk to us. When we stay in the presence of God, we can know that our prayers will be answered. But as God says we must pray according to His will. It is because we are praying that God’s will that is in heaven, will come to earth. And this is a successful prayer life.

Crain Blanchard.



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