Odd Man Out.

I was thinking about my younger brother, Bill. we buried him on July 17, 2015. Bill died of cancer. He discovered that he had cancer in February 2015 and died in July that year. It was an aggressive form of cancer. I stayed in his hospital room every night until he died. We talked about God all the time. When it got close to the time, he asked if it hurt to die. I told him what God had taught me. It is just like walking into the next room. You will close your eyes and open them up in heaven. The pain is on this side of life. Bill had accepted Jesus as Lord years before. I had the privilege to lead Bill and his wife to the Lord. When he found out he had cancer, he also found out that both of his legs were broken from the cancer. They did surgery on both legs at the same time. Each day the nurses get him out of bed to walk around the cancer ward. Bill had a room full of flowers and plants. As he walk the ward, he noticed that most people in each room had no visitors or flowers. He started a foundation to bring flowers into these rooms. His sons have a golf tournament each year to raise money for the foundation. Bill loved to play golf. At the funeral, I had a very hard time to talk to people. I was feeling like the odd man out. My older brother asked me if I could get a photo of his daughters. What I did was to get all of my brothers and nieces and nephews together and took a photo. I even got Bill’s grandson in the picture. I know I am never the odd man out with God. He loves me and I know that Bill is with Him now. But I still miss my brother. One day I will see him again.

Crain Blanchard.



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