What does the Future hold?

When we look at the future, we need to look to the past to see clearly. The apostle John lived in Ephesus. He was Bishop of the churches in the 7 cities. If you read in the book Ephesians you will see a church on fire for Jesus and full of power. This is how all 7 churches were founded. Then if you read in the book of Revelations, you see a different church. After 40 years, the churches in Asia Minor have lost the fire and the power of God. God was about to pull His anointing from all the churches. What happen to all those churches? The same thing that has happened in America. The cares of this world have blocked out their spiritual sight and life. If you read 2 John, it is cryptically written. So, that only Christians can understand what it says. This was written by the apostle John after he left the isle of Patmos, where he was left to die. The handwriting is on the wall. It is time to awake from your sleep and believe God. What is ahead is what was behind. The persecution of the church is coming and really has begun. Paul was chased out of every city that he went to. They wanted to kill him. Why do you think this is strange. Jesus said if they hated Him, they will hate us. Jesus said that persecution will be a part of our Christian life. It isn’t something to fear. It is something to bear with the joy of Lord. So look to the future in the past.

Crain Blanchard.



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