What can you see?

What do you mean what can you see? There are so many ways of perceiving anything. When someone says I see, they usually mean with their eyes. Did you know that most people perceive with their nose before they see with their eyes. Then there is touch, taste and feel. it’s funny how your nose will provoke a stronger response than you eyes. Everything is tied into our brain. Jesus preached the gospel and said everyone that has ears to hear and eyes to see, let them hear. Most people didn’t understand what Jesus was talking about. They were there for the food or healings. Jesus loves us with a stronger love than anyone has. He told parables which people could basically understand. But the spiritual part had to be the Holy Spirit giving us understanding. So we come to today. So what do you see? Do you see the fear in most people? Do you hear the call of Jesus? Do you see the coming storm? It is almost upon us. Do you see faith in your life? Have you developed a prayer life? What is it that you perceive in your life? The religious leaders of Jesus’s day, saw and understood what Jesus was talking about. They understood and refused the gospel of Jesus. So, their sin was great and led to their destruction. The gospel is a two-edged sword, slicing both ways. If you see and understand and don’t respond to the gospel, what hope is left for you? Jesus is our only hope for salvation, in HIs generation and ours. So, what do you see?

Crain Blanchard.



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