The Time We have.

In our physical world, there are four dimensions. They are height, depth, width and time. The last one is combined with space to form the spacetime continuum. That is a mouthful. But what is being said is that time has substance. Just like a rock or a brick. We are given by our Creator a certain amount of time, no more and no less. So we have control over our time. We can do what we want with our time. No one else can use it or have it without our consent. No one can take it from us. God gave it to us to use wisely. Then can you tell me why you waste your time trying to replace God with things? One woman told me that she loved a certain football team, that when she went to games she would have a religious experience. Some people love to shop until they drop. Some people love making money. Some people love animals. You can pick a subject or object and you will find people who love it with devotion. I was such a wreck when I came to God. That afterwards, I didn’t want to pursue anything but God. I still don’t. Everything comes to me. If I have a need, the need is met. When I first started with God, I gave my car to a needy family. God sees to it that I am never without transportation. What I am talking about is when we stand before God, will He say, I never knew you, depart from Me or will He says enter into My joy?

Crain Blanchard.

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