What difference is there in being a Christian or not?

All I can do is to tell you about my experience. I have always been a sensitive person. I have a soft heart. This has lead me into many difficult situations. Many of those situations cause much pain to me. And I became bitter about life. I was so angry that most people wouldn’t even talk to me. Which became a death spiral for me. My life was out of control and I couldn’t change it. Until I was ready to change, I wasn’t going to. Finally, I had enough of the pain and suffering from this world. I wanted something better. I join a business with two Christian men. We met each morning to discuss business for the day. Each day these two men would talk about what Jesus had done for them. I listened for three months, before they asked me to go to church with them. I said yes. It was the most fateful decision I have ever made. My life has never been the same. God took this beat up heart and transformed it into a heavenly saint. When God accepted me, I wasn’t perfect. What I was, was forgiven. Jesus came into my life to live His life in me. My life isn’t perfect. But it is as close as it can be here on earth. Jesus has taken me from glory to glory, step by step. I am walking home to God. When my life is over, I will go home to my Father. This is what God has always wanted since the time of Adam. This is what Christianity is all about. The difference that Christianity has made is that I am alive to God, not dead in the ground in hell.

Crain Blanchard.



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