Time 2021.

I have written a lot of articles about time. Why time? It is because time is a precious commodity. Most people take time for granted. It was something that was given to us by God and we didn’t have to earn it. And it is usually when our time is running out that we become concerned about it. Everybody has so much time in their lives. And once that time is used up, there is no more time for us. We will come to the end of our existence on this earth. And if you haven’t chosen you destiny, you actually have. In not choosing God and his reality, you have chosen the wrong path. God gives us our lifetime to choose His plan for us. Once time has slipped by, there is no more choosing on our part. Things will automatically happen. You will not have a choice. God gave us time to make the right choice. It isn’t rocks, crystals, trees, or worshipping man. God is the creator not the creation. Our lives are about using our time to figure out that God is our Father and the Creator of the world. Once we figure out the God is the path we must folow, it is taking that path and following after Jesus. God will love us no matter what we choose. God loves the people in hell as much as He loves the people in heaven. So, what time is it? It is a quarter pass the time to choose God’s path.

Crain Blanchard.



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