A Visitiation.

I went to a church last night that I was invited to. I have known about this church for years but never attended. I sat next to the friend that invited me. He’s a youth pastor. It was a service of with both the youth and adults. The youth worship team lead off with the service. Then the Associate pastor came up to preach. He began to speak the truth of the gospel with love and power. His words were strong enough to defeat any devil. I watched for the move of God. Then the associate pastor ask for those who would receive Jesus and dozens of youth stood up and prayed. Then he asked for those who need healing. People went forward and filled the front of the church. Then the pastor had the youth that just accepted the Lord to come up and prayer for healings. I went forward for a healing. This young teenager came and she laid hands on me. She began to pray. As she did I felt the power of God flow through me. I almost went out in the Spirit a couple of times. The anointing of God was upon her. I went for a healing of my knees. But what was healing was my unbelief. I can believe for healing for anyone, but not myself. As she quietly prayed for me, she was expecting God to move and He did. I had a visitation of the Holy Spirit. He came and healed many people last night.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarded of them that diligently seek Him.”

Crain Blanchard.



One thought on “A Visitiation.

  1. Thanks Crain Blanchard for Sharing the Word of “Your” Testimony
    And The Blood 🩸 of The Lamb which Brought Glory To HIS Kingdom 🙌
    (The JESUS Movement 2.0 ), Holy Praise and Worship
    The Preaching and Teaching of The “FULL” GOSPEL
    Followed By SIGNS & Wonders , Healings , Miracles
    Confirming THE WORD PREACHED 🙌👑🎚🙏☝️
    SAINTS FOR SERVICE, Sending Them Out As Witnesses,
    “Believers”(AMP) Mark 16:17 :18 “These Signs Will Accompany
    Those Who Have Believed: In My Name they Will cast out
    Demons , They Will Speak In New Tongues; They will pick
    up serpents, and if They drink anything deadly(Plague-etc)
    It will Not Hurt Them; They Will Lay Hands on the sick,
    And They Will Get Well”.
    To joseph1637.com I LOVE The Slogan of
    thejuvyproject.org (Jesus Unleashing Victorious Youth)
    Psalms 78:4 We Will Tell The Next Generation The
    Praiseworthy DEEDS Of THE LORD, HIS POWER,
    John 8:36 JESUS Who Sets You Free,You Are FREE Indeed.

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