The Shedding of Blood.

The disciples walked with Jesus for about 3 years. They fell in love with Jesus and loved Him dearly. Their relationship was more like a brother than anything else to them. When Jesus asked Peter do you love Me. Peter said I love you like a brother. He didn’t quite understand what Jesus was talking about. It took the death of Jesus for the disciples to see they loved Him with their whole heart. It was devastating when the lost the love of their life. This is a broken and contrite heart.

We ask for revival to come to America, but are not willing to be broken so God can use us in His service. Brokenness is what leads to revival. Not only in ourselves, but in the world in general. If people cannot see that God is real and alive in us, what hope is there? God want us to live in His presence, which means living in the light of God. The light of God shines in all the dark places of our heart. This is when we actually see who we are and need to repent of our sins. Brokenness and being Contrite is part and partial to doing what God wants. And the only way revival comes is to be broken before God.

Crain Blanchard.

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