What is this about?

What is Christianity about? I’m sitting in my comfortable reclining chair and thinking about Christianity. I want Christianity to fit into my thinking. But the ways of God are higher than mine. When I think of Christianity and all the possibility I look at the people around me. There are so many forms of Christianity it’s hard to comprehend them all. Yet which one is right. Then I read The Bible and see what God says. And surprisingly most of the forms of Christianity don’t fit what God says. So who is true the word of God or man. Man wants what he wants. But God has chosen a way that’s much better than ours. I was reading in Isaiah 53 about Jesus and his crucifixion. God set Jesus to bring us back to him. Then after his death and resurrection Jesus became an intercessor for us. Jesus is constantly praying that we make it home. So it comes down to it really doesn’t make any difference what we think. It only makes a difference what God says. We are all unique. And we approach God differently because we are unique. But the constant in this world is the word of God. It doesn’t make any difference what we think. The only difference in this world is what God says. This is Christianity.

Crain Blanchard.



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