Precious in His sight.

It’s funny at my age, there are more friends and family dying than being born. Death is a painful process. We suffer the loss of someone in our lives. Maybe we didn’t take advantage of our relationship to the fullest. There is always regret. My dad and I didn’t have a good relationship while I was growing up. I was 28 years old before he and I reconciled our differences. And then it was by the hand of God that it happened. God gave me 6 years of fellowship with my dad before he died. Never wait to correct a situation. We don’t know how long of time that we have. It was a whole lot easier to fix the situation with God than without. A long time friend passed away last night. My wife and I have known them, her and her husband and family for 40 years. I remember that she was always kind to us and the boys. Her children are about the same age as ours. I have no doubt that she made it into heaven. But all of us left behind will miss her. As God says in the bible, precious in His sight is the death of one of His saints.

Crain Blanchard.

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