Sinner save by Grace.

Too often we think of ourselves more than we should. It’s the I generation. It’s all about the me, myself and I. Everything is instant. If you have tasted some of the instant products, they taste like cardboard. That includes life itself. The instant is only temporary and not to palatable. But man wants what he wants. It doesn’t make any difference if it kills you. My life was going downhill in a hurry. I couldn’t stop it. I knew that I needed help. God brought me to the place where I was a sinner separated from God. Then He saved me through His grace and Jesus Christ. So I became a sinner saved by grace. The grace of God cleaned me up and put on the right road to heaven. People have mocked me, thinking that I was holier than thou. I look at them and say, I’m forgiven, not perfect yet. God says not to think more highly of yourself than you ought. Paul said he was the chiefist of sinners. So who am I, a sinner saved by grace.

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Crain Blanchard.

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