The Christmas Season.

            Thanksgiving is over and we are in the Christmas season. Thanksgiving was about food and fellowship and rejoicing over family. Now we begin just to think about Christmas. To some people it is just a time to spend money. To others it is a time to think about the year that has passed. I have many fond memories of Christmas past. My family would gather for Thanksgiving Christmas and Easter, my entire family. Mom and her two sisters would prepare for each holiday. They made the holidays is incredibly special to us. and as our family grew our house became very crowded. But it never really bothered us because we would always stay busy and do things together. All my cousins are boys, so we played football together and sports. Mom and her sisters tried to instill in us a sense of Christmas and Jesus. It did not make any difference what we were doing, when it was time for church we would dress and go to church. If we lived in their house, we would go to church. That foundation that my parents gave me has continued into my life long after they have gone. Mom always taught me to have manners to say yes Sir and no Sir. That respect I still extend even to young people. So, when I think about Christmas I think about mom, dad, and home. I get very lonesome sometimes at Christmas even though I have my own family. But Christmas is about the return of Jesus. The disciples as they were standing in the garden of Gethsemane saw Jesus caught up into the clouds. As they stood gazing up into the sky two men robed in white garments stood next to them and said do you look up into the sky. This same Jesus that you saw caught up in the clouds shall return in like manner. So, we look for the return of Jesus and celebrate his birth. We all know that he was not born on Christmas Day. More than likely it was in the early spring after the rainy season. But what is important is that we look for his return. so, it is time to adjust your heart and to begin to look for the return of Jesus.

This is the link to the book.

Crain Blanchard.

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