More than a Thanksgiving Dinner.

I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving Day. In America, it seems that Thanksgiving Day is synonymous with food, family, friends and football. I went searching for the meaning of thanksgiving. I believe it to be more than just what we made out of it. I searched the only place that I actually believe would give me the truth, the bible. My search led me to Leviticus 7. There it talked about 3 sacrifices, the trespass offering, sin offering and the peace offering. The trespass offering is a lamb. The sin offering is 2 turtle doves. And the peace offering is thanksgiving to God. Yes, thanksgiving is a sacrifice to God. Then my search led me to Luke 22 and the last supper. Jesus and the disciples had finished their meal. Jesus stood up and took the bread of Elijah on the table and lifted it up. He gave thanks to God. Thanksgiving is a sacrifice to God. It is also a peace offering to God. Jesus was lifting Himself up as the peace offering. When we give thanksgiving to God, we are sacrificing ourselves as a peace offering to God. Jesus said do this in remembrance of Me. When we pray, the bible says to come with thanksgiving. This means that we sacrifice ourselves to God as a peace offering.

This is the link to the book.

Crain Blanchard.

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