Can you still see that Bridge?

Do you still feel the call of the world to cross back over that bridge? The bridge back only leads to one thing, death. Remember why you cross the bridge the first time? It was because you were dying in your sin and needed someone to set you free. Do you remember to pain and agony of sin? That is all that you have if you cross back over that bridge. Sin is the fastest way to your death and hell. The world will always call you to come back. But we are use our faith to block all those fiery darts the devil throws at us. The call of the love of God is stronger than anything. The love of God will take us from where we were in the world and bring us to heaven. Do you remember the day that you gave your heart to Jesus? We did not have to clean ourselves up before God accepted us into the kingdom. The love of God showed our hearts the truth that we were sinner and now we are redeemed. We understand that as we walk with Jesus, our heart is changed into the image and likeness of God. And our faith grows as we walk with God. Even if we are reminded about the bridge we crossed, it is just a distant memory. It is the same choice that God gave Adam and Eve, to follow God and obey. Adam and Eve did not obey but God even provided for that. Sinning against God is picking up the trash of the past and preferring it to God’s love. Why eat out of garbage cans instead of at God’s table? As you walk with God, the world and it’s sin, becomes distant memory. Jesus set us free from sin. It is up to us to stay free.

This is the link to my book.

Crain Blanchard.

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