Standing in the Gap.

We have crossed the bridge over that gap between God and the world. Now we can see that there are people left behind that want to come across the bridge. Like us, we needed someone to stand in the gap so we could find our way across the bridge. The only person who can lead anyone across the bridge is the God Himself. But we as believers can get God to move on the people on the other side of the bridge. The bible says that we are led by the goodness of God. All God wants is for someone to believe and trust Him to move on someone’s heart. We did not come to the Lord on our own. There was a multitude of people praying and believing for our salvation. There may have been one particular person who talked and showed you the way. But that was the tip of the iceberg. God woke me up one night and said pray. I got up and prayed until God said it was finished. There was a believer who needed God’s help in Africa. I’ll never met this person until I get heaven. When God places a person on your heart, and you think about them all day, it is time to pray. Standing in the gap is not always easy. But it is necessary. This is where you use your faith and grow in the Holy Spirit.  Jesus intercedes for the saints continuedly. This is standing in the gap.

This is the link to my book.

Crain Blanchard.

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