What is Reality?

I have heard throughout my life people talking about reality. Today it is the catch word of the day. There are reality shows. Why they are popular I will never know and do not want to. I like to look at shows that are genuinely real and have a purpose to them. My favorite is a show about a young couple who are building their life together. Since I started watching, they have had two children and have not tried to hide their difficulties. We look at this world and think that this is all there is. When in reality this world is only temporary. This world will end and disappear. Time is linear. Time has an end to it. Our lives are apart of this. We have an end to our lives on this earth. And there is no amount of money, power or greed that will stop it. Our lives do not depend on whether we have the latest phone, car or house to boast about. We were born with nothing and it is certain that we can’t take anything with us when we die. So, what is the reality going to be when we die? Death is final. But that is when reality begins or I should say that is when reality begins again. Life on this earth is a dress rehearsal for our real life to begin. On this earth is where we prove what God has said about Jesus is true or not. If we prove that God is true and believe, we go home to heaven and live with our Father, God. If we don’t believe, we go to another place, which is quite often refer to life on this earth, hell. The reality is that we must choose one way or the other. We all have a free will and can choose our own destiny. I pray that you choose God’s way and I get to see you in heaven.

Happy Father’s Day.

Crain Blanchard.



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