Less than Perfect.

Our goal in life is to succeed. We strive in this world to acquire the best through our skills. It even becomes an obsession in this world. People have used power, guilt, confusion, money, drugs, and sex to obtain the best of this world. But what do you have once you have obtained the things you want? It happens over and over again, that people obtain these things and don’t want them anymore. They spent all this energy and time and are not satisfied with the prize. So many times, these things cost more than they are worth. And the cost we have to paid, is more than we have to pay. I am not talking about monetary cost. I am talking about the cost of who we are. When we lose our beliefs and morals for something, who are we then. Moral corruption hastens our death. Trading our morals for the comforts of this world is shortchanging ourselves. And all this hooray becomes apparent when everything hits the fan. When we face ourselves and really see who we are, we begin to understand that we are not perfect. Then we see that we have no power to change all this hooray. People do many different things when they realize they life has hit the wall. Some just ignore the whole mess, some try self-help. But they see again it does not work. I came to this realization 42 years ago. I wandered about the country for almost a year looking for the answer. When I found the answer, I found what my life was really about. We were divinely made to share in the inheritance God so richly gave to us. My life has been all about my journey home to heaven and God, Jesus. Although I am less than perfect, I am forgiven.

Crain Blanchard



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