O death, Where is thy sting?

We all live our lives thinking that we won’t die. It is because we are part mortal and part immortal. The mortal part is our body, our flesh. The immortal part is our spirit. Both parts were joined together at conception by God and they are separated at death. The mistake is made thinking that our flesh, body, is immortal. If you remember what a preacher says at a funeral, dust to dust, ashes to ashes. We are made of the dust of the earth and will return to that state when we die (Genesis 3:19). But our spirit is immortal and will return to God. Our spirit is our mind, will and intellect. It is who we are. Now when we die, the place we will go to is our choice, heaven or hell. We have to make that choice when we are alive. Because after we die, it is God’s choice. We don’t choose while we are alive, don’t expect to live in heaven. You see there is only 2 choices, heaven or hell. To go to heaven, we have to choose God while we are alive. Life or death is a reality for us. We are mortal and live for a certain time on earth. So, I ask you to choose God and live in this world and to be able to live in heaven.

Crain Blanchard.



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