In the military, there is an expression. Soldiers that are causalities but can still walk around are called the walking wounded. I served in the military and have dealt with wounded soldiers. When my sons served in the military, my wife and I were in the Family Readiness Group. We helped soldiers and their families. The wounds that war creates are sometimes deep and hard to overcome. One of my sons suffers from survivor’s guilt. It shows itself in PTSD. It is hard sometimes just to live normally. But he is not the only person to suffer because of it. The family of wounded soldiers suffers along with their soldier. God never said that life would be easy. He said that it would be simple. There is nothing more devastating than a wounded heart. And sometimes it is a long process to overcome that wounded heart. You become vulnerable and try to protect yourself from everyone. There are trust issues. When I came to know the Lord, it took time for me to see what God was offering and to accept it. My life was in a death spiral. I needed help greater that anyone could offer. That is when God intervened. There are many walking wounded in this country and they never serve a day in the military. If you look around with your heart, you will see these people and have compassion. That is the only way to reach the walking wounded with compassion. Just as God had compassion on us, when He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins.

Crain Blanchard.

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