Developing a Relationship

I was just watching a circus act of a man and eight horses. He rode two of them in the roman style of riding, standing on their backs. Then the other horses came out and performed together with him. What struck me is that he had a strong relationship with the horses. Horses are curious animals. They don’t trust very easily. And they can sense fear in any person who rides them. If you want the horses to obey your commands, you have to connect with them. Otherwise the horse is uneasy and may not obey your command. It was obvious that this man had spent many hours with these horses training them. It was also obvious that he cared a great deal for these horses and they knew it. What he had done was to develop a relationship with them. It is the same for our pets. We put a lot of time into their care and feeding. Our pets respond with affection and obedience. Then tell me, why is man so short-sighted in their relationship with God? If it takes time and effort to develop a relationship, why aren’t there more with God? Our parents put in time and effort to see that we were taken care of. They even sacrifice things for themselves to give to us. Just to see that we had what we needed to grow up. The same is true with God. He sacrificed for us that we might be able to grow up and live the life He always wanted for us. I’ll ask the question again. Why is man so short-sighted in their relationship with God? Take time and develop a relationship with God before it is too late.


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