Reach out and touch Someone

The saying is an old ad to promote people using the telephone to connect with people. It seems that everyone has taken it to heart. The use of cellphones is phenomenal. People use that phone while doing everything. As I drive through the city it is scary to see that phone struck to people’s ear while driving. I never found that much to say to anyone. I know that the phone has caused many accidents. People are distracted and not focusing on driving. There is another way that people can communicate with each other. With all the modern technology, it has become a lost art. That lost art is listening. You would think with all the phones in use, people are listening. But you would be wrong. The more people talk on phones, the less they listen and hear what is being said. You haven’t communicated until you have reached out and touched someone. The person you are speaking to has to hear and understand what you are saying to them. Then you have communicated. Otherwise it is just noise. And brother there is more noise in this world than it is worth. Have you ever had someone say something to you and you turned to them and saw what they were talking about. That person has communicated with you. It doesn’t make any difference what they are talking about. If you understood and saw what was being said. That is their heart speaking to your heart. And that is communication.



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