In the Presence of your Father

My wife and I went to Mexico years ago, to visit her family. Her grandmother had just gotten out of the hospital. My wife was raised in America, but her dad is from Mexico. We went with our 2 oldest sons. Our oldest son was 2 years old and the other was 6 months old. When we arrived, her grandmother was being cared for by a granddaughter who had a baby. She had no husband and the baby no father. The baby cried most of the time we were there. The baby kept saying over and over again, look at me. My wife’s aunt and uncle asked me why I thought the baby cried all the time. They saw how happy and content our sons were. I told them that it was because the baby has no father. Having a father brings stability to the home. I also said it was because of God in our lives. I said that children need a father and mother to know security and peace in the home. In God’s economy, the mother owns the home and is in charge of the children. The father is to provide for his family and love his wife and children. This brings security to the home, where the children can grow up and be fulfilled in life. This is God’s example to us to able to see who He is. My children can always come to talk to me. They may not like what I have to say, but that won’t stop them from talking. This is God’s example.


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