How do you measure Success?

You will get many different answers to that question. There are many yardsticks to measure success by. Which one do you use? The most obvious one is money. The pursuit of money has occupied more people than anything else. But is it the most rewarding? You know we have to keep up with the Jones’. The pursuit of money has destroyed more people than it is really worth. Everyone needs money, but not to worship it. Some people choose alcohol or tobacco. A sad commentary in our nation’s history is the pursuit of drugs. It is nothing new. It spans over several centuries. What is it that people are trying to fill their lives with? What is that void in people’s lives? Why does this pursuit destroy people? Humans are a very complicated organism. We have to have salt and water to survive. Food come in second to water. Then we have to have clothing and shelter. What then? We are social beings and need fellowship. We need to communicate with each other. Once we have accomplished all that, what is next? Do we accumulate all the wealth in the world? What is it that we need to accomplish with that wealth? God didn’t give to us, to sit on it and do nothing. The only way that we can truly be successful is to give. To give of ourselves and our wealth, so that there is room for more to give. In God’s economy, giving is the basis of all blessings. If you hold on to what God has given you, it will die within you. Give and that more abundantly, press down, shaken together and you will receive. It is the formula for success.


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