The Calm before the Storm

This saying appeared as the lead title on the daily newspaper. They were referring to the crowd of people that will descend on our city for Mardi Gras. But they don’t know how accurate they really are and I am not talking about people. The saying is talking about a calm period of time before something major happens, like storms, battles, struggles or just people coming to a festival. Although, the presidential election has changed the face of the nation, there is an uneasiness in this country. It is like a bomb about to explode. People aren’t sure what will happen in this country. All the protest over the election is more of a tantrum than anything substantial. Do you know why the civil war was fought in America? It wasn’t over slavery. It was over different fundamental ideas. People who were diametrically opposed to changing, on both sides. There were about 31 million people living in America and there were about 1 million causalities. By todays population that would be about 10 million people. But all this uneasiness isn’t about political views. It’s funny how the bible talks about situations that are going to happen. The bible says that in the last days of the earth, people will carry on as normal. They will say there is no problems, we have peace. But they will be carried away by the flood to come. And make no mistake there is a flood coming. God says to live as if this were your last day on earth. Then you will be prepared to go when the end comes. You see this is just the calm before the storm.

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