Trusting and Believing

It doesn’t matter what you know, if you can’t trust or believe it. There is a saying that has been prevalent in past few years. The saying is buyer beware. It is a commercial retail philosophy, that say you can sell anything to anyone at any time and it doesn’t make a difference. Therefore, there are so many recalls on retail products across the globe. The philosophy is make money and the hell with everyone else. It doesn’t gender much trust. But that is what it is supposed to do. Just look at the media, they are trying to gender mistrust in everyone. Therefore, people are upset and afraid. Not knowing who you can trust will create anxiety. People will begin to doubt what they believe, because of the lack of trust. The world’s assault on Christianity is ongoing and savage. It is there to make you doubt what you believe. Just look at how many people have left the church and gone into the world. When I came to the Lord, my trust level was low, but I believed that God would help me. God was going to have to prove to me that He was trustworthy. God set out on that very mission. Day by day, God proved to me that He was working in my behalf. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. God did say in His word, to prove Him true. So, day by day, God proved to me beyond a shadow of doubt that He was working on my behalf. As He did, my faith, belief and trust grew to a place where I could approach Him and ask almost anything. And then He would answer me. I have seen God answer my prayers in a split second. The longest time for prayer God ever answer was 22 years. If you turn to Him and ask, God will respond.


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