I have always liked to cook meals. It started when I was young. My mom would cook for my dad. She was a school teacher with 4 sons. She didn’t have much time to prepare and cook meals. So, they were simple and fast. Unfortunately, it meant boring and tasteless. But my dad liked it and didn’t complain. But I wanted more. So, I began to watch cooking shows on TV. I was learning how to cook a good meal that taste good and cut corners. I got into baking pies and cookies and put on weight. I have learned how to prepare and cook a complete meal. Years ago, our church had a fellowship supper, and everyone was asked to bring food. I was fasting at the time. Now, when I cook, I taste everything to get it right. So, I ask God to give a recipe that I could for supper. God gave me a chili recipe. It makes about 3gals of chili. Everything was included, and I didn’t have to taste it. Although, I wanted to. I called in Holy Ghost Chili. There wasn’t a drop left after the supper. My church today, asked if anyone could make some chili for the fall festival. So, I volunteered and will be making it this Saturday. I have always found that giving does more for me than the person I am giving to. Even though, the person is in need of what I am giving and is grateful. What is does is to satisfy my soul and encourage me. Having and not giving only hardens your heart. And you will never be satisfied with what you have. So, when you see a need, give and watch God change hearts. Especially yours.


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