It seems to be an overrated word. It is used in anything and everything. It is used to describe pancakes or a car. Sometimes it used to mean something evil. It is so confusing that people don’t use the word hardly ever. It a shame that word has very special meaning. It should be used correctly and abundantly. There are 3 different meaning for the word love. In the bible there is Godly love, agape. There is brotherly love, philo. Then there is sensual love, eros. The love that God want us to have is His kind of love. That is to love one another unconditionally. It is the hardest to do all the time. It is easy to love someone like a brother. And the other oh well. But what do you do as concerning man. There are some times that I would let the whole world go to hell in a handbasket. But that is not what God want us to do. Walking in God’s footstep is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Then again it has been relatively easy because God does the work for me. All I have to do is follow along and let God do His work. But that means I have to go where God goes. And sometimes it is to break down the gates of hell to snatch a soul out of the hands of the enemy. And yes I have been there and back. It is trusting that God knows what He is doing and will perform His word as He has said. This is where trusting and believing comes into play. If you believe, then the next step is doing. Then the next step is accomplishing your task that God assigns to you. What is it going to be, life or death?


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