This is a virtue that everyone needs and literally no one wants. To obtain patience, you must go through a trial. Sometimes the trial is severe and sometimes not. But at any rate, it will test your endurance and stickability. Today is the Me generation. I want it now and hurry up about it. There is no waiting or anticipation. When I came to the Lord, I was in no condition to fend for myself. I had to rely upon God’s good graces. He lovingly took me step by step to become a whole person again. God held off my patience trial until I was healed enough to contend with it. It took about 2 years before it started. I thought I was doing very well until this woman named Peggy came into my life. She was a church member and a few bricks shy of a full load. And that is being kind. She started in on me the first day. Her insults were barbed and flung at me. She was very adept at insulting people. It very much reminded me of me. I went to God in prayer. God reminded me that she was sister in the Lord and to do her no harm. God said you are to pray and say out loud, that she is a blessing to me. It took a while for the prayer to work. Although, the prayer wasn’t for her, it was for me. Finally, the prayer worked and my heart was changed. Peggy became a blessing to me. Unfortunately, her problems were severe and didn’t get resolved. She ended up back home in Mississippi. God changed my heart and I had a lot more patience with people. When you pray asking God for things, be sure you understand what you are asking for. Prayer covers a multitude of sins.


Dividing Asunder

Last night I was discussing with my son, the latest conspiracies. There is an app just for that. I guess if you wanted to find any subject, there would be an app for it. Anyway, back to conspiracies, with my son it started with the shooting in Las Vegas. He didn’t believe the police report and started digging into it. There are a multitude of theories out there, from aliens to leaders in America. I told him that you couldn’t believe these people on the strength of what they say. The culture today is lie as much as you can. Just look at the news media and their reports. It can drive you crazy just trying to keep up with it. I began to tell him how, he personally, can tell the truth from the lie. At first, he wasn’t interested in what I had to say. But as I explained it to him, he began to see the truth. The most deceitful thing in this world is the heart of man. We can’t look with our eyes and see the truth. Therefore, man can’t fix himself. It takes the intervention of God. There is always some truth in every conspiracy. This is what makes them believable. But for the most part they aren’t true. The only real truth in this world is the Word of God. And this is what I told my son what he had to know to protect himself. You see, as the bible says in Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (KJV). The Word of God will clean out your heart, for you to clearly see the truth.


Fussing and Fighting

It seems that the whole world is fussing and fighting about one thing or the other. It seems there is no peace to be had. If it isn’t the wars, it’s the disasters, floods, fires or storms. People want to live a secure life and to have some sort of peace in their life. If you look at the news, you won’t find peace at all and for the most part the truth either. I don’t watch the news only the weather. And if they become political commentators, I’ll stop watching the weather. There is so much confusion, angry and disappointment that causes people to be discouraged. So, fussing and fighting has become the order of the day. When I started in the Lord, years ago, the church was large and active. The pastor was a good preacher. The people were active in the community. It was a blessing to be in that church. Then the pastor and assistant pastor had a fallen out and the church split. Even though the pastor was my leader in the church, I never look to him as the answer. Many people thought, the pastor, he could walk on water. When the church split, their faith was devastated. Fussing and fighting will bring unbelief and doubt. And this will destroy your faith in God.  But the word of God is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. When you feel confused, feeling guilty, angry or condemned, it isn’t God. Though, you would want to fuss with God, there is no room in His life or yours for it. For God so loved the world, He gave.


What’s up Doc?

I would watch that cartoon faithfully. I would watch all the Saturday morning cartoon’s until mom made me go do my chores. I also liked the cowboy shows in the afternoon after school. It is funny that all those shows are about good versus evil. If you look at any show on TV today it is the same. But as I look at all the shows on regular TV and cable, there is only a handful that I will watch now. Television is a learning tool. It can teach you anything. And it does exactly that. Do you know why the entertainment industry is struggling? It is very simple. It is not about entertaining people. It is about teaching the masses their agenda. I subscribed to a news magazine for years. It is very good and informative. Then it was sold to an outrageous marketing group. They lost most of their subscribers including me. After the magazine was purchased by another group. They made a real effort to try to get their old subscribers back. They talked to me but I wasn’t wanting to get the magazine again. The damage was done. There is a movie coming out next week. It is a sequel back from a series that I have followed since I was a kid. The film was made 2 years ago. They have been promoting this movie for a year. There is toys, souvenirs, t-shirts, and every possible thing that you can buy. Do you know why they are doing this? That movie studio is trying to make money. They want to make up for all the losses they have suffered with the other movies they made. You know what the saddest part is, they won’t give up making the stupid movies. Why does it take disaster for people to stop and turn around? It doesn’t have to be that way. Ask God and you will receive all that you need to live this life. Just ask.

The Best Laid Plans

Years ago, John Steinbeck wrote a book called “Of Mice and Men”. The quote from the book is “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. It is a story about being human and how dreams sometimes work or not. I was always taught that you need to have a 1-year plan and goals in place. Then you need to have a 5-year plan and goals in place. And eventually a 25-year plan and goals to be successful in life. As the quote says, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. This is so true. Nothing is for certain. You train for success and try until it succeeds or not. It is like retirement; most people don’t think about it until retirement is almost upon you. Then what do you do? Life isn’t hap-hazard. There is a certain progression that takes place. If you take advantage of what you have been given, your life will work out with some reasonable success. My life came to a screeching halt and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted help but wasn’t sure who could help me. I looked all over to find someone and the answer literally fell into my lap. What I didn’t know was that God had planned it all along. Once I figured out who I was in Christ, I began to find out what the plan was and to follow. It was so much simpler to follow the plan, than to have to come up with one myself. This plan has taken me all over and through many stages. I have been trained and actually I am still in training. It is on-going, the work and the training. And my success rate has been far better than I could have ever expected. The reason is God is in control. And His ways are higher than mine. I trust and believe in the Lord.


The Things of God

My sweet wife loves to shop. She will shop until she drops. It is all in an effort to collect things. I don’t really like to shop, but I like to be with my wife. In my own way, I shop for things. I love gadgets. I will go into a hardware store to browse. Also, I like to go to nurseries to look for new plants. So, I collect things as well. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Everyone has a hobby. You have heard the old saying, the different between men and boys are the price of their toys. Things make the world go round. It only seems that the more you collect the more you are worth in this world. Unfortunately, people look at the things of God the same way. God has power. So much that He can change anything on this earth, in the blink of an eye. People see that power can bring prosperity and man wants to be in control. The only thing about that is that God doesn’t share His power with anyone. You can ask God to do something for you and He will. The power of God is activated by faith, not force. Outside of delivering you out of the pits of hell, all other request have to be made in His presence. God uses the privilege of prayer for His children to fellowship with Him. All the things of God aren’t made to increase your wealth or power. The things of God are tools that God gives to us to further the kingdom of God. The greatest man of God is no more important than the lowliest servant, who opens and closes the doors at church. For God is no respecter of persons. We are all the same in the kingdom of God, children, heirs to the kingdom. Praise His Holy Name.


A Sense of Community – Part #2

The part of my family that were privateers was my mother’s side of the family. My dad’s side are also French. They left France in in the late 1500’s because of the civil war. They moved to England and found that the English didn’t want them either. So, my 9th great grandfather, Joseph, came to America in 1637. His younger brother, Thomas, followed 2 years later. Most people don’t know that Boston had a large French population in the 1600’s. Both the Pilgrims and Puritans knew that community was how they were going to survive. There is a popular saying that it takes a community to raise children. It is a true statement. It is important to have a stable community to live in and raise your children. You don’t have to go far to see an example of this. Syria comes to mind. People took their families and fled that war-torn country. Most people just want a peaceful place to live and raise their family. The sense of community is a choice that we must make. It doesn’t just happen. You must work on having relationships with people. The closer the bond between people, the more there is a sense of community. I hold doors open for strangers. I tell people please and thank you. It doesn’t take any more effort than not to do it. When you decide to make that choice, people feel that sense of community. It is a sense of belonging, that everyone wants. Everybody seems to want to point out how we are different. But with the sense of community, it brings out how we are the same. God says that He is no respecter of person. Which means that God see us as the same. Today, choose to build a sense of community in your area. The effect will be almost immediate.


A Sense of Community

The basic unit in this world is the family. It was instituted by God, Himself. The next unit is the extended family. Then comes the village around us. Then it moves to an area of villages and/or the state we live in. Because of our ethnic background, we will prefer the people around us. Even if the people around us are obnoxious, we will prefer them to strangers. Though, they may be obnoxious, but they are ours. Depending on the area that you live in, it will dictate how you will reaction to strangers. A good remnant of the Old South that is still prevalent down here,  is hospitality. We like to talk to strangers and welcome them among us. That is why south Louisiana is popular among tourists. There has always been a strong sense of family among Louisianans. It has to do with our culture, ethnic and religious background. The French and Acadian French people have that strong sense of community. Because it is life itself. If you look at their history and see how they were dispossessed and pushed from continent to continent. Family is the reason they survived. If you look at man’s history, a sense of community has allowed people to not only survive, but to grow and prosper. The French side of my family were both privateers and governors of the Louisiana Territory. They had to do both to survive in this wilderness call America. I’ll continue the story tomorrow.



How do you know that you have changed? Several years ago, a woman, a celebrity, who came out of pornography, was projecting an image of Christianity. The people around me said look how she has changed. I said that it may not be so. It may be just that pornography may not convenient for her. Change isn’t proved by the way you act. It is proved by the fruit you leave behind. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute. She came to Jesus and wash His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She became an integral part of Jesus’ ministry. She took of Mary, Jesus’ mother. She was at the cross when Jesus died and at the tomb when He rose from the dead. Matthew, Jesus’s brother, a tax collector and friend to prostitutes, gave up his life and follow Jesus to the grave. Change isn’t putting on a show. It is a choice, changing your lifestyle. As people can see you, it will show through everything you do. God said, He would change us into the image of His dear son, here a little, there a little. Until, we become, what God intended us to be from the beginning, the image and likeness of Jesus, Himself. Because the bible says, unless we become that image, we will not see Jesus when He returns. So, change is important in our lives. Have you looked in the mirror lately? What do you see?



Bonding two distinct objects together requires glue. Did you know that glue is 100’s of years old? The first glues were made of bone. It isn’t a very good glue but it worked for their purpose. Today, we have super glues. It will bond anything together almost permanently. Ever glued your fingers together with super glue? Only acetone, finger nail polish remover, will dissolve the super glue. If only bonding between two people would be so simple. There are bonds between people that will last for a lifetime. The bonds of parents to children, the bonds between husband and wife and bonds of friendship are just a few. A bond is built on a trust between the parties and built on for a life time. There are many things that will strain or even break a bond between two parties. The first and foremost is stress causes by finances, work, other people or even their own selfishness. The second reason is caused by the first and that is fear. it is the fear of the unknown, whether or not there will be enough money or the separation by work or even other people. It becomes insidious when other people try to separate two people for their own selfishness. Marriage is a bond that no one should try to break. It is popular today to get a divorce because of another person or people are unwilling to try to solve their problems. Marriage is not just a bond, it is a covenant with God. God says woe to the person who breaks a covenant. That means they are in for hell on this earth as well as the world to come. Marriage was the first covenant God ever made. And He says, let no man divide asunder the marriage covenant. Bonding takes effort on each person’s part to bring it together and keep it there.